Week in links (17 December)

Should we really glorify the workaholic culture advocated by many Nobel Laureates, asks @scicurious. http://bit.ly/tkTrRH

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf writes about Alfred Nobel’s legacy for women in the New York Times. http://ow.ly/7Z8sH

The “M-plans”: The secret strategies the media has put in place to report the future death of Nelson Mandela. http://bit.ly/rM3PuK

British writer and iconoclastic Christopher Hitchens died from cancer this week. No-one was safe from his sharp, outspoken views, not even Peace Laureates. http://slate.me/noomIl

Two Icelandic MPs have proposed their government should offer Chinese Nobel Laureate Liu Xiaobo political asylum in the country. http://bit.ly/uPzmUU

New documentary from Nobelprize.org called “Women of Peace”, where the three 2011 Laureates tell their stories. bit.ly/sd9lqU

… and if you are in Oslo, the 2011 Peace Prize exhibition has opened, with free entry until the New Year. http://bit.ly/rxy9Pa

Paul Dirac’s dizzying 1939 lecture on the relationship between maths & physics. http://bit.ly/tKmKgB

Interesting analysis of graphene patents, showing how little has been patented by its Nobel Prize-winning discoverers. http://bit.ly/sWXY9I

Former research colleague questions whether Jules Hoffmann deserved this year’s Medicine Nobel Prize. http://bit.ly/sNZHZU

Egypt’s Ministry of Culture stops Sotheby’s auction of Naguib Mahfouz’s manuscripts. http://bit.ly/vmEIj6

Why New Delhi should heed what an Economist Laureate said in his Nobel Banquet speech last week. http://bit.ly/vIhha4



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