Two weeks to go!

I’ve only just realized there’s little point in telling you about this blog without telling you when this year’s Nobel Prizes will be announced. So here you go, and remember that this year marks the 110th anniversary of the Nobel Prizes. If you want more info, the official announcement is here.

Monday, October 3 (11:30 CET)
Physiology or Medicine

Tuesday, October 4 (11:45 CET)

Wednesday, October 5 (11:45 CET)

Friday, October 7 (11:00 CET)

Monday, October 10 (13:00 CET)
Economic Sciences

As usual, Literature provides an added tease. The Literature announcement will be on a Thursday, though which Thursday the Prize-Awarding Committee chooses, most likely the 6th or 13th, will only be revealed the Friday before the announcement date.


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