How I hope this works…

My first post explained the ‘why’ behind this blog, this post explains the ‘how’. In the lead-up the 2011 Nobel Prize Announcements, the idea is to curate all the speculation, rumours and other must-read information, both new and from the archives. At the same time the plan is to experiment with creating “explainers” based on questions I have been asked most often in the past, which aims to provide essential background knowledge for following the announcements.

Once the Prizes are announced I’ll try to aggregate and filter the most interesting news stories, blogs and discussions on social media channels. By showcasing the best (and worst) stories and reactions, and uncovering hidden gems, I hope this curated information provides a broader, more compelling picture of each Prize.

I have no idea how all of this will pan out, but you can follow my efforts here, or in more raw, real-time form on my Twitter channel. I don’t want to just choose posts I like, so please send any links to good content, either as comments or to the email/Twitter details that appear on the About page.

I hate to end a post like this, but I do need to include an important caveat here. One thing that this blog won’t be able to provide is any insight into the secret process of nominating and selecting the Nobel Prizes. This is for no other reason than I had no privileged access to this information, and so I can’t shed any light on any queries (polite or otherwise) about who has or hasn’t received a Prize. I apologise in advance for not responding to any such comments, but I, like you, have to wait 50 years before I can find out any confidential information about an awarded prize.


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